This project entailed the redesign of the existing space for the boutique New York City hair salon, Thomas Heinz New York. Because the salon was operating and had to remain open, the redesign needed to be expedited with the majority of the renovation fabricated off premises. The first phase of the project was to remodel the kitchen and to include a wet area with hair washing stations. Due to time and budget constraints existing cabinetry was refurbished and new appliances installed. Warm, dimmable LED lighting was added to illuminate working surfaces. The second phase entailed the design of custom Work Stations and a Reception Counter as well lighting. Both the Work Stations and Reception Counter were fabricated in Glacier White Corian® for a clean, modern look. They feature hidden, dimmable LED ribbon lights reflecting on a concave surface directed at the client’s face that produce a warm and flattering glow. The electric power is connected to each Work Station from the ceiling. The stations also include drawers for storage and practical features such as holders and plugs for hairdryers and client’s cell phones. The stations rest on lockable wheels and are mobile. Theatre lighting fixtures were suspended from the ceiling and adapted for the environment. The Thomas Heinz New York logo engraved on the front of the Reception Counter provides a sleek branding element to the salon. The counter was designed to be beautiful and welcoming as well as functional. It utilizes hidden LED as task lighting and features designed elements to keep the area organized while also creating a personal work space for the management. Custom shelving fabricated in acrylic, designed to showcase assorted hair products are located behind the reception area.