A production company contacted us to design and fabricate the furniture for a SAP business software advertising campaign. The art director wanted to convey the idea of a fashion design studio. The visuals were to be simple, modern and minimal, to work cohesively within the spartan, monotone studio space. Furniture was kept white to remain discreet and emphasize the people, the colorful clothes and the fabric bolts. With a tight budget and short turnaround time of 10 days, we designed the main drawer cabinet to be made in multiple units. There was a larger unit as well as a cabinet to hold the fabric bolts, which were variations of the original cabinet. The large table placed upfront was the main focus of the photographs. By staying with one main simple design and that made a few variations possible and with a simple table top shape, the programming expense was cut and the fabrication accelerated. MDF finished with white melamine was the basic material, off the shelf aluminum extrusions were used for handles. Everything arrived flat and was assembled at the studio.