The Puma L.I.F.T. sneaker campaign for Droga 5 advertising wanted to portray sneakers so light and comfortable that they felt like wearing nothing at all. A drab looking apartment set was made. The model, Olympic gold medallist, Usain Bolt, only wore underwear and shoes. Clothing and a busy cityscape or nature image was projected on him and the set respectively, to convey the idea of breaking barriers within the built environment, encouraging the protagonist to exercise/action. We were tasked among other things, with the implementation of the concept using projection. A camera was set on a tripod and the model photographed with clothes, on a specific spot with a certain posture on the set. Another photograph was taken of the model in the same pose and location on the set, lit by the projected background only; this photo was used as a proportion reference. The previous image of the model’s clothes and shadows was then silhouetted and pasted on the background image previously used, to be projected on the set. The image of the model on the set was used to match the size of the clothes needed. The model was then brought back on to the set to the same spot and to take the same pose as before. The composite image of the background and clothes, was then projected and the model’s pose adjusted to fit within the projected clothes.