Featured work

Thomas Heinz New York

This project entailed the redesign of the existing space for the boutique New York City hair salon,
Thomas Heinz New York
. Because the salon was operating and had to remain open, the redesign
needed to be expedited with the majority of the renovation fabricated off premises.

The first phase of the project was to remodel the kitchen and to include a wet area with hair washing stations. Due to time and budget constraints existing cabinetry was refurbished and new appliances installed. Warm, dimmable LED lighting was added to illuminate working surfaces.

The second phase entailed the design of custom Work Stations and a Reception Counter as well lighting. Both the Work Stations and Reception Counter were fabricated in Glacier White Corian for a clean, modern look. They feature hidden, dimmable LED ribbon lights reflecting on a concave surface directed at the client’s face that produce a warm and flattering glow. The electric power is connected to each Work Station from the ceiling. The stations also include drawers for storage and practical features such as holders and plugs for hairdryers and client’s cell phones. The stations rest on lockable wheels and are mobile. Theatre lighting fixtures were suspended from the ceiling and adapted for the environment.

The Thomas Heinz New York logo engraved on the front of the Reception Counter provides a sleek branding element to the salon. The counter was designed to be beautiful and welcoming as well as functional. It utilizes hidden LED as task lighting and features designed elements to keep the area organized while also creating a personal work space for the management. Custom shelving fabricated in acrylic, designed to showcase assorted hair products are located behind the reception area.

Springs Mystery Art Sale

For the second consecutive year, we were pleased to design, the branding of the Springs Mystery Art Sale to benefit the Springs School Visiting Artist Program. This year’s promotion included a fresh take on the original concept with a new color and a typographic design. This design was then applied to posters, postcards, banners, tee shirts and tote bags to support and promote the event.
A new website, was also createdto further promote and inform the general public about the event.

The art sale was modeled after an extremely successful annual event at the Royal College of Art in London where students and professional artists created postcard sized artwork which was exhibited and sold anonymously alongside one another for the same small price.

Springs School, located in East Hampton, New York, has a rich historical connection to local and world famous artists who are part of the community. The event included the sale of student and professional artist works and also featured a silent and live auction. This year's event was again a huge success generating approximately $38,000 towards the continued support of the Visiting Artist Program which inspires students and supports local and visiting artists.

Hard Working Movies

We were commissioned to design office tables for the documentary film company, Hard Working Movies.

Fabricated in Finn Plywood, the tables were designed to be cost-effective, utilizing just one sheet of plywood for each table while not sacrificing unique, modern design.

All parts slot into place like a 3-D puzzle and are held together with exposed stainless steel screws with become a design element. The tables were fabricated with CNC technology due to it's modular design and for precision assembly.

The Colbert Bump?

Watch the interview with Stephen Colbert as James Cameron discusses his film "Deepsea Challenge 3D". which documents his record-breaking journey in the Deepsea Challenger submersible to the deepest point in the ocean, the Marianas Trench.

Several scale models of the Deep Sea Challenger, and its predecessor the Trieste, were commissioned by Rolex of Geneva and produced by i + i design as part of a worldwide exhibition demonstrating Rolex’s commitment to exploration.

These models were designed to portray a faithful scale reproduction of the existing vessels and involved extensive research and design, working with some of the actual 3D engineering files as well as detailed measurements and photographs from the real submersibles. One such research trip included a visit to Mr Cameron’s Ranch in California, where the Deepsea Challenger was kept at the time.Detail photographs and measurements that had been unavailable were taken for the final versions. The original 1:20 models was fabricated with cnc routers and 3D printers and finished by hand. Another exhibition came five years later and reproductions to 1:40 scale were requested. To finalize teh project, a 1:20 scale model of each where requested for a new shop in California. These were assembled with various materials and many components where printed in 3-D.
Having seen photos of the Deepsea Challenger scale models, Mr Cameron expressed an interest in obtaining one. Rolex then presented him with the model that appears with him on the Colbert Report.

New York Aikikai 50th Anniversary

With over fifty years of history, the New York Aikikai is the oldest continuously operating dojo in the continental United States. The New York Aikikai is home to chief instructor Yoshimitsu Yamada Sensei
(8th Dan, Shihan), a direct student of the founder of aikido, Morihei Ueshiba. It is world-renowned and respected for its traditional aikido instruction.

We were pleased to create all the branding in celebration the 50th Anniversary of the New York Aikikai.
This included the creation of a compelling new identity that would be implemented to tee shirts, signage and collateral. It also included the design of a 200 page, limited edition book, commemorating the occasion.

Aqua Bendita Book Design, DVD and Video

This high-end, limited edition book was designed for Colombian swimwear company. Aqua Bendita, to showcase and promote the company's swimwear and lingerie line. The 4-color dust jacket covers an over-sized, hardcover book, wrapped in bright pink linen with a blind embossed cover and spine. We also created a Behind the Scenes video of the photo shoot which is included as a DVD in the book. Photography was shot on location in Mexico with renowned fashion photographer, Enrique Badulescu.